Jungler is not your training wheel..learn to lane on your own.

Average day in the Jungle world. Toplane {{champion:86}} : jungler plz save me, im under attack plz ward for me, my rivers, i dont know how to ward at all.. Jungle plz gank my lane.. Ty Jungle you got me a Kill.. ill throw away that lead in the next minute like its nothing. Midlaner {{champion:7}} : omg you left me alone for 10 sec and now i have no clue how to lane at all anymore, plz gank my lane and control my keyboard and mouse as well. Botlane {{champion:119}} {{champion:40}} : we are going to blindly keep pushing towards enemy tower, we muted pings and chat, but no worries bro, we have a single ward that is at a flash distance from us, Oh btw how about u gank our lane before we die to a obvious gank ? Toplane {{champion:86}} : You ganked botlane 2 times and im now losing my lane 1v1 because of you somehow., that all makes sense.. yeah its your fault im losing.. Midlane {{champion:7}} : jungler Bro, i forgot to ward, im losing my lane now, plz help again, i just wiped the lead you built for me, kk <3 .. End Screen Team : sheesh we won despite our jungler being worst, he ganked alot, and won our lane, somehow hes still useless. ... Basically the perception is that Jungle is the nanny role of this game.. The laners lose their lane and Blow their entire lead in a matter of 2 minutes, and than they ask the Jungler for another Small loan of 10 million dollars.. Jungler refuses because they are possibly looking crazy atm ?? well hes a bad jungler now.. no goodie jungler.. he NO HELP AFTER I LOSE LEAD Multiple times. Me over extend, NO wards.. but how Enemy GANK work ?? enemy Jungler must be gooder. **ME Lose LANE that means = Enemy Jungler better** **ME WIN LANE = I AM GOD** who is my jungler ? who is he ? hes that invisible guy that brings me money thats all.. you need stress relief ? sure flame that nameless Jungler.. you need gold, um yeah call your jungler, and Cash out his efforts in 2 mins and when it goes wrong.. well call him again.. dont bother warding from enemy ganks, just Call your own jungler 24/7 to be a mobile warding unit on your lane, oh hes being abused now by other lanes for doing so, WELL THATS THE JUNGLERS FAULT TOO AND all lanes are equally correct to demand his attention at all times. **Oh wait hold on did your jungler make a Mistake ??? junglers shouldnt make mistakes... they are ROBOTS that deliver money.. Only LANERS are allowed to make mistakes.** I just Made 1000x laning mistakes, but Let me Flame my Jungler for failing 1 Gank out of the 15 ganks.

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