What happened in the last 2 weeks?

I have been really enjoying league up until season end. I felt like I was constantly improving, and I was excited about the new season and my first journey into ranked. Since this past season ended though, the game is just horrible. Every game I've played has been awful. win or lose the lane - there are usually somewhere in the region of 30 kills given/taken in under 15 mins and the games just drag after that until my team loses. admittedly, I am to blame for this too - I am not very good. I'm trying, but I'm not there yet... but the things I've encountered this past week. In one game I had my opponents inhib in under 15 minutes - we were all set to win - I made way to swap with bot so I could take their tower - the adc flamed me for taking cs and began to run it down bot... they got so fed we ended up losing. In another game every lane got absolutely steamrolled - I'm talking 30/40 kills given in 25 minutes. I think I had the lowest deaths at like 1/2/0 or something and I held my lane until the super fed bot lane came and took my towers. And the game I just had - Yasuo jgl decided to stand in my lane, die and then tell me it's okay because 'we ff at 15'. It's a nightmare - people are griefing, flaming, afking and feeding like never before. My past 6/7 games especially have just left a sour taste in my mouth - it's been stomp after stomp and the same thing in every game - I can even feel myself slipping, as if everything I've learned has been a waste. Honestly, the teams feel worse, I feel worse - and I don't know if it's worth playing until ranked comes back.

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