Unfair Matchmaking Problems

LoL Unfair Matches
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About three months ago, i encountered a problem with matchmaking. Then it was only a few occasions, but now it's about 90% of the time. This heavily influences my attitute to the game/match and my peroformance. This problem is, that about 90% of the time i queue in a normal game (Draft and Blind), either in my team or in the enemy team, there is at least one platinum or higher ranked player. This is a problem because i am currently Silver 5. And i'm sure it's not really a matter of hidden ELO because i cant say i'm exceptionally good or something like that, just the casual player. If i have to face somebody who spent way more time and effort into the game and is on a higher skill level both mechanically and in terms of decisionmaking, then one can only wonder, why i am facing him. And while it's nice to have someone higher rank in your team, it's usually the other case and than i might aswell invest in a black and white monitor. I really hope that something is going to be done in this case becasue it personally ruins a game for me and makes it completly unfair. I will attach some screenshots of the player lineups in a few of those games. Thank you very much in advance! -Your friendly neigbourhood feeder-ZeroProf
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