Can riot PLEASE stop releasing overloaded champions

Well I have noticed recently that riot heavily favours CC over anything else currently the last 2 and now the current one Sylas have all pretty much such overloaded kits, it's making it kind of hard to counterplay or outplay em. so like look at Neeko, AoE Q a 3rd passive empowered auto attack on hit, and a escape , E that can root 1 or 2 people, and a ult thats Again AoE and roots Then Pyke , A Q that's grab/slow, W thats an Escape, a E that's a dash / stun and a AoE executing ult now we have sylas wich has from what i gathered from the release trailer , a Slow a passive that copies ults, a Regen ability and a grab. CAN you please stop designing champs so overloaded, like this leaves allmost no area for counterplay because every champ can either dash or root/stun you teamfights become less Skilled, and more ok just AoE em to death, and laning becomes stupid because theres so many ways you can die now instead of "skilled" matches. If this trend doesnt stop, everything in the future will have a form of cc and a escape that it's literally unhealthy for the state of the game, because people here are gonna drive you into a corner because you can't play something like a caitlyn because X champion has such a strong kit it over rules others. I mean look at pyke's ban rate, look at how much you guys needed to change zoe so she wouldnt be So incredibly annoying to play against ( yet still is) , look at how strong aatrox got because has a dash and a root now, look at these stats. I wish i wanted to say i would be playing this game till i die, but now im really Skeptical But ok having CC is fine, but if everything has CC why would you wanna play something like a Garen or a Teemo or any ADC, for that matter that cant return the same kind of opression. this is kinda what i wanted to talk about , and this kinda what i've been thinking about recently, and i was wondering if the community feels the same and if we can change a bit the way riot looks at new champions in the future.. because if the next champ is gonna have an escape and a root i am GOING TO QUIT ~th0t
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