First Worlds game shows exactly how disgusting solo lane meta is

Akali = disgusting bs champion totally unbalanced after Rito buff her again and again and again... Why do they buff broken design ideas to the point it is total bs? Tristana = ADC sololane, from this ranged meta of abusing of lack of CC in the game. Trash champion with zero mechanical skill required. Point and click auto attacking. I wrote already on this forums and dumb noobs were "HAHA ranged toplaners and midlaners on top is no big deal". Look stupid idiots how its "no big deal". Absolutely digusting OP champions. Rito does not gif about. Solo lane is no more about how good you are at this game, only about how OP bs champ you play. "Point and click meta" up to the absurd amount of bs champions. Where is 50% of other champions your game has, these are never even considered as picks? Why you always make it about 10 selected picks in "pick or ban" state. small indie company?
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