Champ select most important part of the game.

How to make someone play what they don't want. More precisely how to stop someone from playing: {{champion:23}} Jungle {{champion:67}} into {{champion:18}} or {{champion:51}} {{champion:67}} Top {{champion:11}} In general {{champion:55}} Support {{champion:157}} Top And what to do if i already dodged a game and i see the enemy team has: {{champion:18}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:102}} vs {{champion:498}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:61}} (me) Its like they all want to "carry" all of them think they gona do something WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. And win the game. When in reality i can already tell whats going to happen. Yi is gona take most of the kills from his ganks, get fed af (if he knows how to play) Then hes gona get oneshoted lategame in 1 alistar knockup. Trynd top is gona perma split push and hes gona keep getting caught untill the end of the game , or just join us in teamfights and do nothing cause of the perma cc they can do to him. Xayah is gona loose vs tristana because of the soraka early game and trist early game being strong.. I mean i already see the early mid and late being lost. And if i dodge thats -15 lp and a 30 min wait time for me. And u can say, look at the bigger picture. But this happens more often that none. Out of 5 games at least 3 have some kind of a "special" pick... Not to mention the guy who see's one video of {{champion:29}} jungle and instantly pick's him in my promo, goes top and donates double buff's to the enemy top laner.. I seriously began to beg people into playing something else. But more 9/10 times they either just completely ignore me or argue that their pick is "op" for some reason...
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