Current state of cheesy support picks

The current state of support is being perverted by support picks like brand, malzahar and frankly as one of the few leftover real support mains i think this is unaceptable, patch after patch rito has ben tuning down "real" support champions damage output up to the point where they are unplayable in solo lanes, then proceeds to bump up base damage numbers or mechanics on other champions as to where they just straight up can obliterate said real support champions or adc's alike without any need for items, and yeah sure there will be thousands of non support mains negativly replying to this post bringin in all kinds of arguments etc because these are their go to picks when they get autofilled as support but tbh they will all come down to "hurrdurr u just have to outplay or counterpick them" and this is not a valid point in terms of balance whatsoever. By defenition the true meaning of support is: to agree with and give encouragement to someone or something because you want him, her, or it to succeed: but lately all i see is just carries tryin to carry the game theirselves while just havin the tag "support" on their head of just destroy their opponents themselves and leave the last hit over to the adc, sure its an effective way noone is going to argue about that but it is not how the game should be played as "support" and while all this is goin on riot keeps asking themselves: hmm how come support is such a under-played -appreciated role *facepalm* well big surprise all the people who actually like playing the "real support" role are just quitting because they are sick and tired of having to deal with this bullshiet of these cheese damage mages coming bot to just try and faceroll the opposing botlane. And in that Brand and Malzahar are currently the 2 biggest offenders and that being said the fact that rito just took away alot of power from the adc's with changing armor pen to lethality and on top of that a long standing issue in my opinion that all the real ranged supports (not kill lane/tank supports) do not get any magic resist per level whatsoever only adds fuel to this fire. If this current trend keeps going riot should give the current defensive supports a huge buff in defensive powers just to even out the playing field because the amount of damage these cheese mages can dish out early game without items is just %%%%%%ed but then they would become too op also so that isnt going to work either, and for whoever doesnt believe me just try a game yourself as for example a Nami, Janna, Lulu or something similar vs lets say a Brand support its just %%%%%%ed how little you can do translating in the defensive support having nearly no lane presence at all because if u mess up your skills once or even misposition 1 inch u are dead and so is your adc, hell u dont even have to mess up even playing perfectly if the enemy cheese support player is even mediocre u just straight up lose the lane. The only way to win a lane like this is when the defensive support is straight up twice as good as the cheeser. If even any riot staff member reads this, take this very very seriously if u care at all about your support main players because if this continues soon you wont have any real support players left besides the people just filling as support who actually rather prefer playing a carry.
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