Thoughts on PBE skins?

If you seen PBE there's currently 4 new blood moons skins. I wanted to share my thought on the skins, as was thinking what the community's thought were on them, they are quite special after all. (Please understand these are all my opinions listed below) First of all I want to talk about the 2 similar skins, which is Blood moon Aatrox and Prestige version of this skin. I find it interesting having a Shogun/Chinese Warlord into the theme of Blood moon skins, we all know that blood moon skin started of as a "Ninja only Skin" theme, but by the years it changed to more "Ancient Chinese religion based skins" theme. And this skin is the first to gain an overall 2-handed Warlord to slam his enemies with, I honestly love this skin, but I do find it a bit more Japanese than actual Chinese, since it does remind a little of a Samurai instead of a Shogun. (For anyone who don't know Shogun origin comes from China and are often said as Daimyo as High commander, it later also came into Japan where it got more known through animes). The prestige skin of this skin, are basically the same, except that it seriously don't make sense with Golden blood effects, ofc this skin is also only able to be gained by doing missions, or wasting a whole lot of RP in tokens. For people who don't know Prestige Kai'sa was a great sale idea by riot where people went and maybe spent up to around 200EU just to get that skin, that's why Riot is now spamming the idea cause it's a great money income. But This skin just straight out makes little sense. Even if it is limited edition, who would want to spend 200EU on a skin that are basically just a Chroma off the Blood Moon Aatrox. While people who rather spend 1 bot game or 1 hour gameplay each day on it will might also gain this skin real easy, it wouldn't be as fun to grind LoL all day just cause you really want that skin... The idea is basically a Pay-to-win idea by Riot for people who just want fame. High dislike from my part. 3rd skin is my favorite skin, which is Pyke. I'm a Pyke One-Trick (Even through he is basically permanent banned) I actually got my custom made Pyke Hoody today, Hurrah. *cough* Anyway back to topic. I love that the idea of Pyke getting a Blood moon skin, since it suits his theme real nice, someone who swims in Blood in search for more blood, bloody loves it. But.. I am seriously worried about this skin being very buggy, Riot said it usually takes 1-2 years to perfectly make a Skin for a champion, but Pyke was released just a few months ago. There's no way Riot had the time to come up with the idea that quickly and make the skin to as perfectly as it is right now without problems. As someone who programs myself, I see the chance of bugs around 80% chance and might not even see this skin hit live servers. Also I extremely dislikes that Pyke gets a skin, way before Ivern and Ornn, Even Taliaya has only gotten a requested skin by the pros and not an actual made skin yet, and Illaoi! Have you guys forgot about her completely??? The only thing she got was a fan-made Custom skin that doesn't even look good. Last but not least, no matter how much a Love this blood moon Pyke skin, I think the classic skin is just a lot better than Blood Moon. I didn't really enjoy his E as much as wanted to. Last but not least, the 4th Skin which is Blood Moon Sivir. I have no words for this skin. I dislike it a lot, just as much as I dislike her as a champion. What has a Disc throwing Maskless girl anything with Chinese Religion themed skins to do with? The animation are cool, don't get me wrong.. But.. why did they have to make is a "blood moon skin"? It could have been any other skin name. Like "Blood Empress" or something like that, the skin is so wrong with the theme, I super dislike. (Also The reason why I dislike Sivir as a champion is cause players who play her are too passive and players only play her cause they don't know the role) I am very interested to see what you guys comment. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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