Forced meta?

I like dynamic queue.... But I have one problem with it - It completely negates any alternative strategy from being used or created by players. Now every single game I know that I am going to be forced into playing one of 5 set roles and that any creativity or any other kind of alternative strategy that I play with out a 5 man group is going to be reported and that for me takes away a lot of the fun and strategy of this game. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way. I have been around since the very beginning of league of legends, before there was a meta, before there were even junglers and back then we tried so many different strategies and champion combinations. We even developed ARAM (which is now an actual game mode) using the mid lane of summoners rift. Now it feels like the game as become a little bit stagnant. My question is, what will happen when/if a new meta is established? The 1 1 1 2 strategy we see used today might not always be the most viable option, we already see an alternative in professional play - Lane swaps - What happens if/when it develops past this to something different, dynamic queue would then be completely useless - Or does Riot have plans in place to update and enhance this feature in the future?
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