I don't know what to do! How do I get Plat!?

So the last 2-3 months I been hardstuck in gold 1-2 and now Im in gold 3 and is super unsure what to do. About 4 months ago, I reached Plat 4 as Pyke/Nunu support and easily carried games by myself. But then I demoted again and have a horrible time figuring out how to get back. Basically ever since I demoted back in Gold 2, I been going up and down the ladder within gold. Some games I'm stomping and hard carrying my team, sometimes I feel useless and can't even stand on my 2 legs. But all of the recent games has 1 thing in common, they mostly are based upon smurfs and elo boosters. Specially since the season are about to reach it's end I can defaintly see how I keep going against people who are either better than me, or simply don't care if it's a win or loss. When I am up against people who are way better than me Zilean would be a great option cause my team who's way better than me in LoL and ain't playing in their own elo can easily carry me. But the downside is that if I have teammates in my team who simply don't care if they win or lose cause They are smurfing or ain't their account, it's nearly impossible to win. Zilean is like Yummi. You are there to empower the people who are carrying you. When they don't exist, it's impossible for Zilean to be useful. But then again, if I am readying myself up to carry people by playing Carrying champions, like my Nunu, Pyke or Pantheon I can carry my team hard, but when they are doing everything for me, I'm basically just useless as well. I want to be the play maker, but if I'm against a 0 mastery swain with 400 levels, who's silver 2 with a massive winstreak behind their back, It's basically impossible for me do anything with "play making" and just ending up dying, and dragging my team down even further. This is especially bad when I play Nunu or Pantheon, which is very off-meta picks. ___ At the start of the season my Zilean had 90% winrate in 30 games, Pyke had 60% winrate in 100 games, Nunu had 60% winrate in 20 games. Now I have 60% winrate on Zilean in 60 games, 47% winrate on Pyke in 150 games and 37% winrate on Nunu in 45 games. I doing really well with Pantheon support in normal games, but when I play it ranked I always get unhappy adcs who rage quit 5 min in the game cause of it.. So my winrate on pantheon is only around 25% in 3-4 games. I always analyses my games after I get a loss or feel useless, but the biggest reason I lose is mostly because of my deaths early, cause I underestimate my opponents early and then my whole team is lost. But the thing is, whenever I go into a game where "normal" gold players exist in and there's not a smurf bot lane. I always get my picks off and can carry hard from the support role. And if I play too passive against someone who's my own "division" it becomes a game where I have to reli on a jungler who "might" be good and "might" gank bot. I won't stop playing ranked I will keep aiming for Plat, but it feels hopeless atm now when we are at the end of the season and people just want to get their accounts as high as possible. I won't complain on those who are toxic or feed like crazy, as long as I do well by myself. It's just really hard to know how to play when you don't know if your opponent is extremely better than you or not.
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