(idea) a Better Dark Harvest

I know that this rune was a hot mess after its rework and kept getting Nerf after Nerf but currently, it feels SO bad to take compared to the other options (electrocute, conqueror, press the attack) and if you don't get to stack it or you fall behind, you might as well forget that you have a keystone rune to begin with xd So i had these ideas in mind that might help make it a better rune for late game and not dominate and demolish the early game: 1- a simple AP/AD ratios bump (no touching the flat stacking damage) 2- the +5 stack damage increases for late game or after a certain time threshold, example: (after 20 minutes it becomes +6/stack, after 30 it becomes +8/stack) or something similar 3- more flat stack damage each said x amount (example: for each 5 stacks acquired, the next stack will give +10 damage instead of 5) what do you think? it will reward aggressive plays, forcing more plays and more fun and action :v high risk high reward, what do you think?
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