Bots in ranked????

Does anyone know if bots are sometimes put in ranked game because just had a game where my mid and adc hardcore fed but would talk so at 10 minutes I asked to go midlane-no response. I then asked mf why she built the way she did no answer. These to then continued to play so scared of everything like intermediate bots do. The enemy top facing me was a zilean and again Im pretty sure he was a bot. Now this was my first game of ziggs so I was having a bit of trouble last hitting and poking but also the bot seemed to act like a scripter ( when you turn of quick cast and hover your ability they move away from it). I ended up being held hostage for 50 minutes vs a very fed tahm kench. I did in the end win which was satisfying but I am almost 100% these were bots. Anyone know if riot does put bots in low elo games so queue is shorter or have they experienced something similar.
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