veigar burf plz

(befire read, I'm not good at English and champions's name spells. sorry) Is the veigar's Q skill range is Strangely shorter than other champion? (Rize is shorter than veigar but he is tanky). Every ap mid champion has long range skill zilian,annie,anibia,daiana,etc and long nomal attack range zilian and annie,etc. Ruce is have long range she is weak body, but veigar has weak body too but short range Q and AD attack. talon has skill that range 700 and get kill veigar easy. panteon has too many spears to throw. nidali has also long range skill and attack. Even haimer has longer than veigar. gragas has long restrain low cost. daiena has long range low cost fast recast reblang has high damage long range resandra too long all skills malzaha to morgana has long brand too long and little tanky I think swain is tanky and same as veigar's range sindra is longer ari longer oriana longer zeras(skip) kasadin tanky and same Q range karsus long skill range kasiopea long fizz is god Can be veigar get more range for Q and AD attack? 700~725 for Q?
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