EU LCS shows how RIOT ruined LoL and are proud about it

FLASHBACK // Pros Play Patch 8.11 (2018 EU LCS Summer Week 1)
Gold funnel strats, triple support comps, mid laners with smite and supports in the jungle... catch up on how the pros in EU LCS are playing Patch 8.11 with Flashback! For more EU LCS coverage, schedule, VODs and more, check out Liked this episode? Let us know on Twitter using #EULCS!
The comment starts with telling us about the "Insane" patch 8.11... And insane it is. I sadly didn't have time to watch all the games but just looking and freezing the promo says a lot. 1. It seems that RIOT is proud of having made an "Inane" patch. Why I wonder. We already had an insane thing, it was called URF and as a fun and relaxing alternative to serious ranked it was great. Gave us players a lot of fun. But making the normal game URF för some champs while totally wrecking other champs in the way is... well maybe we can call it insane. 2. The match times seem to be much shorter. I understand that the TV stations want that. It has to fit with their commercial breaks, but its ruining more soffisticated ways of gaming. League of Legends isn't CS. If I want to play fast shooter games I choose CS or something like that. 3. Looking at the snapshots of some game I noticed the same thing I've seen in my own games lately. Burst damage champs leveling real fast and ending up to 5 levels over their own and other teams already in midgame. Then they start killing of everybody, anywhere. Towers don't mean a shit anymore in the new patches. Just look how tower dives go these days. An overleveled, burster waits until the skillshot CC of a support is on cooldown, jumps under the tower, kills the first champ there before the tower can even react. Then jumps onto the second champ (often an adc) who runs for its live and that one gets killed within 2 seconds too while the burster get its shield from one of it abilities and with one shot of the tower and about 75% of health runs away into the jungle. I've seen kills on me as a support that took 0.81 seconds. That's less then some of my CC needs to start. Again...insane and out of balance. 4. I would ask RIOT if this really what they want and please don't just answer with a simple YES. I want to know what idea is behind all this. Is it as I noted before because of commercial interest? Can you explain to me what is fun with kills within 2 seconds? I loved LoL before, looked at many games on Youtube to get to know more about champs. Looked for hours at my E-sport channel to see the pro's do their strategies and magic. I learned, trained and at last dared to play ranked. Yes I say dared because I felt I had to have a certain grade of skill to compete in that part. Ranked was for people that really wanted to play the game on the next level and if I wanted to join them I had to show that I wa able to that. But now you have ruined it. It's AFK paradise, soloing heaven. About 50% of players don't favour a champ at start, in 30% of my matches people start yelling that they want to change lane and get angry when they don't get what they want. Loading screen seems to be the time to take a 10 minutes toilet brake which means that players come in when the game is at about lvl 5. At the same time the game has serious problems with loading since the last patches. In about 20% of the matches people come in later due to loading problems. And sometimes its 2 or 3 in the team. All these things make me think about leaving LoL and looking for another game that gives me back the fun I had before. It moved from WoW when Blizzard ruined it. I will move from LoL if RIOT keeps ruining it. There will be other game creators that do understand what really goes on in the gamers mind. To all my fellow players who love the game of tacktics and don't mind to loose after a hell of a fight... keep on gaming.
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