What is wrong with League?

Okey, let's get some things out of the way first: No, I am not salty because I lost some games; If you're just going to tell me to stop crying or something similar, you can buzz off, you're not welcome; I am trying to make a point and create discussion, not trying to be "toxic"... So, I remember when I started to play League back in the day, I was an edgy 14 year old who only played freaking minecraft, until my friends convinced me to play league, this was back at the end of season 3. Oh boy, what can I say, I freaking loved the game, I was complete trash and every time I died, every time I screwed up and lost felt deserved and every time I won I felt like I was getting a little bit better. I remember not wanting to play ranked because I was afraid of all "the good skilled players". Since this was back when no one liked to play support and I had 4 friends playing with me every day you can guess what role I got every time, since I was the n00b, I played a lot of Blitzy Baby and I had the most amazing of times. Then Thresh was released, oh, mother freaking boy, how glad I am Riot released such a fun champion, the game felt so rewarding when you outplayed your enemy as Thresh, when you did those dash, side steps or flash predicts... Felt. So. Good. Nowadays... not so much... I am still a Thresh OTP, and I won't say I am a great one, I don't have the time to try and be the very best, that's fine. But the game, does not feel rewarding... I can remember carrying my team as Thresh Support, everyone would cheer for a good Thresh player. Nowadays, not even a flash predict feels good, that might be because I played this game so much, but I don't think that's the case, because, playing Thresh is so much fun... No, I think there's a different problem, more than one actually: - Every freaking champion has some sort of mobility move or dash; WHY?! What's the most recent immobile champion that has been released recently?? Jhin! And he was only viable because of his nice CC and tons of damage; Still, Jhin, great freaking design Riot, kudos on him, very fun to play as, and against. Just like Thresh... - Every freaking champion has %Health damage... again... WHY?!?!?! I do not think people see how BAD that is for the game, it's really horrible, stop doing that! It is NOT fun! It's such a poor game design option. There are a lot more ways of allowing someone to deal damage. Tanks shouldn't be stripped of their ability to TANK against every freaking champion in the game, not all ADCs need that. The game was so Fing good when that wasn't the case!! - Everyone, essentially, has a one time Zhonyas, which, most of the times, ends up being useless, but it can turn around fights when well used; I think these are very big and well known problems, and, despite riot saying they're listening more to their player base, I do not think that's the case. I only detect changes in the game when you either have ADCs or Junglers cry about things... Support got "quality of life" changes, I don't think they were good, supp mains were fine not having tons of gold, they could still make the difference! No, those "quality of life" changes were targeted at players who didn't want to play supp and complained about it: I'm pointing my finger at every other lane. Support is probably the most impactful role at the moment, but not for the correct reasons: We're no longer the big main, sometimes only, source of vision control. No, we're only there to hold our adc's hand. Nah, screw that guy, I have an entire team! Why do we have to play around that stupid cry baby?! When Thresh came out riot gave a HUGE tool for support mains, the ability to make awesome plays that can carry a game. They're removing those tools... You're just not noticing it. Now, a personal issue of mine, I am probably biased here, but still: Why is Thresh so freaking squeeshy? Why does he have to suffer consequences that were not related to him? (Relic Shield's Nerf) Why? If I grab the enemy adc onto my team HE SHOULD BE SCARED, NOT SCARY! Every time I make a play, nowadays, I have to run with my but between my legs, because that piece of poop adc will practically one shot me! Riot, you had such an awesome game. You keep removing the fun out of it, why? Stop creating metas, most champions should be viable, most, are not. Oh, this season, adcs will be op, just change the source from where their OPness comes from! -.- You have an amazing art team, an amazing team working on the lore, most if not all, champions have great personality, when you play them you can feel the effort put into their character. You used to take yourselves lightly, now you don't, you take yourselves too importantly, untouchable. Nowadays I feel, and this isn't just me, like the people designing and balancing the game, do not play it. Seriously, you have something great here. Please, bring it back! One good thing you did was your new way pf patching, that will allow you to nerf things more often when out of hand! That's great! But only if you look are your statistics and if you listen to the big part of the community and if you actually think when making changes!! C'mon, you have enough resources, stop making skins and fix your hitboxes. Balance your game. Revitalize the game! You have great potential! Thank you all for reading, please, speak your mind. Let's try to have a friendly productive discussion. Let's all be civil here. Have a great one, WalkingWarrior
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