Lets talk about Vayne

I see her in every match except if shes banned. Shes bot, and as of late I see her alot top. Lets talk about her kit. She has literaly everything. How can a hypercarry have so much utility? So lets summ it all. - Insane dmg - Anti-tank - 2 gap closers: Q and passive - 3 disengage mechs: Q, E and ult invisibility - Stun which also can be used offensively and defensively - Her ult lowers the Q cd for 50%, which enables her Q every second! 1sec CD on her Q which procs invisibility while she has ult!!! WHats worse, it refreshes the ult duration if she gets an assist, not a kill, a mere assist! I'm truly lost for words. What counter arguments do you have? She has lower AA range? Is that her only weakness???? Listen, I have nothing against Vaynes dmg, shes a hyper carry after all and we do need to take care of some tanks after all so I have nothing against it if Vayne kills a tank in 3-4 sec, but she has so many tricks up her sleeves its insane. She has answer to every question. Another tank killer whos a good example is Kog maw. Kogmaw has basicaly zero utility, but he does have longer range, but there is a big BUT, Kogmaw has 17sec CD on his W on all ranks. 17sec CD on a ability which gives him the option to be a tank killer and outrange other ADC, Vayne on other hand gets to be a tank killer every 3rd auto attack plus all the other bonuses that come with it. Its absolutely riduculous! I'm tired of seeing Vayne every single game. You thought Quinn top was cancer? How about Vayne??? How much longer do we Top mains have to go through this abuse? Why does everything has to be longe range???? - Jayce - Quin - Teemo - Viktor, luckily nerfed but it took you a while!!! - Kennen - Gnar - Lissandra - Vlad And now finaly Vayne has joined the league of Top lane. Top is truly one and only lane which is currently totaly unbalanced. Its absolutely cancer playing on my main in diamond. All you see is ranged top laners. Rito why you bully us, the true top laners? {{sticker:cass-cry}} https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/nl/champions/stats/vayne winrate: 52%, after 30min it becomes 55% Play rate: 25% Ban rate: 27% How much longer Rito?

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