My mentality is challenged (Star guardian event)

Here I was 2 weeks ago, excited and hopeful for this event. I enjoy different ways to play league in, even if it´s not that good (like dominion), and then the day finally comes, invasion game mode released! WELCOME TO F****** HELL It´s not like I´m a platinum player with an IQ of 142, that just happens to go 0 - 9 in this new epileptic clown fiesta of "fun PVE expereience". And then there´s the missions... aaah yes, where you have to work your A** OFF to get a d*** a** ward skin. I can imagine that when I, as a 142 IQ platinum player has a hard time beating this gamemode, that it must feel so much worse for a silver or bronze player. But well, I´m giving up, I don´t have any friends anyway, so I´m never going to win the last mission (if that´s even possible). But yeah #Riot, I just wanted to let you know how profoundly DISSAPOINTED I am in you, you are ruining the game step by step, making a disgusting tank meta more viable and reducing the skill requirments to play the game, followed by this stunt of a timewaste-ragefest. I feel really bad about all of the support I have given you through the years, not only economical, but also trying to better the community by staying as true to the summoners code as possible and smiting down toxicity when I see it, and as my reward you induce with cancer, so much cancer that I am probably quitting! Gl Riot, for you will probably need it.
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