How do I climb when...

-I go Top Maokai, I win most of my lanes or go even, enemy top laner doesn't impact the map at all, enemy bot and mid will go 0/10 at 15 minutes 90% of the games. -I go Jax top, enemy team constantly sends 2-3 people top to stop my splitpush and my team still can't get anything else on the map. -I go JG, all my lanes are losing without jungling assistance. -I go Janna supp, I crush lane, probably even getting 4-5 kills in my lane, enemy top-jg-mid is something like 25/2/50 combined. -I go ADC, and I will get an autofill Voli JG who will never realize that we can take first tower bot, even after calling it and pinging it multiple times, and end up getting multiple ganks and lose first tower ourselves. Haven't tried mid yet. In almost all examples I win lane, I even roam to help other lanes after a point, and still lose most games because I get: -AFKers. Many of them. Lost a game where I was 5k gold ahead at 13 minutes because top laner went AFK. -Trolls. Just had a Tahm Kench eating my ADC and therefore my ADC wasn't able to farm and was useless. -People with 0 game knowledge. I get that mechanically, people can't be gods. Everyone misses skillshots or can't kite properly or whatever else. I'm not good with skillshots myself. But, everyone should at least have some DECENT BRAIN CAPACITY to understand basic things in league and play around them. For example, both bot lane towers are around 200 hp, enemy bot is Brand Kogmaw without flashes. The jungler SHOULD get to bot lane, because first tower is a BIG objective and it's an easy gank. Jungler goes on to completely ignore this option for like 6-7 minutes, after which we eventually got pushed in and lost tower ourselves. Another example: I splitpush top, team knows I can handle 2 people coming, we see 3-4 people coming top, I can escape, yet they still run around the map farming the jungle, WHEN THE LANES ARE ALREADY PUSHED AND CAN TAKE TOWERS. I could go on forever with the examples. Seriously, I feel like if I don't have the balls to make a play and take the initiative, we can't even get close to winning games.
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