Kai'Sa outclasses too many adc's

Last years for some reason I have been reluctant to picking up new champs. For example Zoe, Pyke, Aatrox, Ornn, Xayah, Rakan, Camille, Ivern, Kled, new Urgot, new Irelia, new Nunu. I probably have like less than 50 games all of them combined. This basically isn't the smartest thing, because the most part of them have had an overpowered phase after launch. So this also counted for Kai'Sa. She is seeing a lot of playtime in LCS and high elo. She always felt dominant mid and late game to me, but I barely played botlane against her. But yesterday I decided I'm gonna get some games with her and well, she felt GOOD. But last game, where I totally snowballed out of control felt a tad OP to me and I don't see any nerfs in the upcoming match. Basically what bugged me most about her is the shield. See following clip from my last game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSLh_BzWuo4&feature=youtu.be So, I get I do an incredible amount of damage and I'm lifestealing enough to sustain all of it. But a shield of this size on top of all of that, from an ability that includes a 2500 range jump in which she is invulnerable. Felt way too good. Granted, I was full build level 18 but this doesn't seem acceptable to me. It's been said the downside is her laning phase, but I don't even feel that. I've played plenty of Jinx games, I know what a poor early game is. Kai'Sa just needs to survive a couple of levels and you're good to go for 2v2s. And even if pressured, the farming from behind is very good. Her biggest disadvantage is that she only has a tiny speed-up to protect herself when engaged upon, but I feel like that isn't enough in exchange for all the good stuff. Yes, she did just get nerfed, but is it really enough? I personally feel like, if I were adc main, in this state, with all the tools she has (incredible scaling with Guinsoo, huge dps, laning phase, late game, ulti, AP/AD potential), there is almost no reason to pick another marksman over her. I mean, sure, some adcs have particular qualities that may be more useful in certain occasions, but she has way too much to offer to either not pick her, let alone leave her to the other team.
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