Dear Riot (suggestion for ranked)

After missing out Gold rank because of AFKers, feeders, trollers, unskilled and uncarriable players, I'd like to suggest one or two things that could be done to better the ranking system. 1. AFK - When the system detects an AFK player, the losing team shouldn't lose points for that match (the winning team can still get them, since there is still a small chance of winning a 4vs5, but since there is a clear disadvantage, it's obviously unfair for the losing team to lose points for someone whose connection decided to fail / they ragequit or wtv). 2. Overall score/ Individual score - This is something the game could take in mind when deciding how many points to give. By this, I mean, when the game sees a certain player in a team with an obvious difference in score than the rest of his team and they lose, that player should have less points taken, because it usually means that player got matched up with people who weren't the same skill as their opponent, for whatever reason: f.e. 25 kills vs 40 kills, loosing team (3/4/5), (1/8/6), (2/9/6), (12/12/5), (7/7/6). I think there is a clear difference in skill between the three first and the last two. One killed and assisted for 17/25 kills in the whole game, while the other three only for 7-8/25. One person can not carry a whole game if his whole team is failing, and I think there should be a system implimented that acknowledges individual score compared to the overall team score. While I do appreciate that the new system will help you reach gold rank more easily, there are still things that could be done to further make it fairer and a better experience overall. ^_^ ~Shai
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