Senna looks balanced next to Aphelioses kit.

I feel like these champs get more redicoulus the later they come out. Aphelios literally is every ADC in the game combined to one champion. He got jinxes AoE waveclear, Got the Attack range on his one gun, got ashes slow with a root on the other gun, can literally lifesteal for free on the other gun and has a meele burst option on his last gun. He got Global basic atacks on his one gun if he marks people which is absolutly insane. Also he got heimer turrets for some unnecessary reason. Like how are they going to balance this champ it will either be completly broken or completly garbage and gutted down there is literally no inbetween for this kit. This is what happens when you let CertainlyT design champions idk why he even still is allowed to design them after yasuo akali and Zoe tbh.
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