Relevant question, regarding "Dodging"

I have some doubts regarding this issue, and I'd like your answer, or opinion, regarding them: - Case 1: So I Dodge in a Normal (Doesnt matter if Blind, or Draft), AND THEN I dodge in Ranked (Doesnt matter if SoloQ, or FlexQ). Would I lose 3 LPs, or 10 LPs, in the Dodge in Ranked? - Case2: I Dodge in SoloQ, AND THEN I dodge in FlexQ. In the FlexQ Dodge, would I lose 3 LPs, or 10 LPs? - This one is easier: How often does the Dodge Reset happen? 12, or 24 hours? Because I'd swear some days I have Dodged twice in same day, and just lost 3 LPs BOTH times. Thx in advance. ;-)
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