Does anyone else dread playing ADC in this meta?

Riot reworked assassins and made them very much viable again, then later on in the season, they changed crit items, making the adc role even more undesirable, which brings us to 2019. The current meta does not favour adcs at all, unless you're {{champion:202}} or {{champion:236}} . The solo laners decide the game 90% of the time. It really doesn't matter if you win bot lane when your solo laners are losing as 2 strong solo laners or even just 1 are/is better than your winning bot lane as most adcs don't really come online until 30 minutes into the game, unless by some stroke of luck your solo queue team actually knows how to play macro and understands approx. how they should be playing the game as a team, in which case you can be more effective in team fights. TL;DR: It's not a good time to be an adc main.
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