Dynamic Queue suucks hard

There is no fuucking reason to try posting in a polite manner anymore, it fuucking doenst get through to you anyway riot. So here it is, the undeniable and uncensored truth. Dynamic Queue suucks. Everything about it, except the new "shinyness" of champ select suucks. Im siick and tired of playing the same damn two roles every game, im siick and tired of 20 minute queues. Im siick and tired of boosted idiots. Some of the games today, ive seen throws you wouldnt believe. I played a Lee Sin game, where i practically handed the win on silver platter to my team, they coulda fuucking stood still in top lane with baron buff and won the game, but NOOO, its more fun to run straight down mid and try to 2v5, its quite literrally insane how much your little experiment has fuucked up mmr. There are some people who manage to be so unimaginably useless you wont fuucking believe it until you see it. I was Diamond last season, but really dont think i have the patience to sit through this insane shiit anymore. Its INSANE, how fuucked up mmr is right now, i played a game the other day were enemy Lucian was 4/0 in 4 minutes, i spammed "play safe" in caps lock in team chat, SEVEN TIMES. I fuucking spammed it. And what happens ? 7/2 Lucian in 10 minutes. I cant fathom how bad some people can be, i just dont understand, they are in such a retardedly mismatched elo, thats its fuucking obvious through no shadow of doubt they dont belong there. I cant even fuucking farm because i have to do fuucking everything because the teams i get cant handle the level they play at. If im mid, i still have to split push bot for turrets,i still have to ward dragon before dragon respawns. i still have to ward baron, i still have to sweep vision, i still have to shove out waves, i still have to defend other lanes turrets because they fuucking donT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING. IM SI DAMN EXHAUSTED FROM THESE RETARDED GAMES. How can you let this go on ? Not to mention all the other shiit youve fuucked up this season, but i wont go into that here. FUUCKING MAN UP , AND ADMIT THIS WAS A HUGE MISTAKE, WE DONT TAKE YOUR BULLSHIIT ANYMORE. People are leaving the game. And so am I, if things dont change. Things have gotten out of hand. FUUCKING WAKE UP. AND CLEAN UP THE DAMN MESS. U CAN SHOVE THOSE NEW SKINS UP YOUR ASSESS. WE DONT WANT THEM BEFORE YOU FIXED THE GAME. DONE. FUUCKING ANSWER FOR YOURSELF. WE KNOW EVERY CHANGE YOU MADE THIS SEASON IS FOR MONEY (edit: the last straw was that fuucking shiit where you ahve to pay for masstery 6-7 my god riot, how dumb do you think we are). U CANT FOOL US. I DONT FUUCKING UNDERSTAND WHY YOURE SO DAMNED SCARED OF ADMITTING MISTAKES RIOT. EVERYONE SEES IT ANYWAY.
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