This champ has an infinte damage combo, totally broken!

It's a bit of a joke, as it's impossible to pull off unless the enemy team cooperates, but technically Brand has an infinite damage combo with just 2 spells! here it is: q -> r now you might be htinking, how is that infinite damage? well, image all 5 enemies are standing in a line (doesnt have to be a line per se, but its easier to visualize it like this). Lets label the enemies A, B, C, D, E, where A and E are standing on either, and everyone except A and E are within range of eachother when it comes to your passive. If you then do this combo, the enemies will have these amounts of stacks respecitvle (im using a - to indicate a player cannot gain stacks): A3, B2, C1, D0, E0 now enemy A explodes A-, B3, C2, D1, E0 now B explodes A-, B-, C3, D2, E1 now C explodes A1, B-, C-, D3, E2 now there's a problem. Since A and E weren't in range of eachother this cycle would stop here, however if A simply keeps walking into E's range when he explodes, and back out of it afterwards, this cycle can continue indefinetely. Your enemies would have to be next level stupid to do this though lol. also in case you're wondering how C got a stack from R, let me show oyu that as well (using bold to indicate what player just got hit): before you ult: **A1**, B0, C0, D0, E0 ult hits first target: **A2**, B0, C0, D0, E0 bounce 1 A2,** B1**, C0, D0, E0 bounce 2 **A3**, B1, C0, D0, E0 bounce 3 A3, **B2**, C0, D0, E0 final bounce, ult now targets C since it can't target B (as it was currently on B) and A already has 3 stacks. A3, B2, **C1**, D0, E0
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