How to not lose lane against Katarina?

Hello everyone, I need your help I am desperate. So, I main Katarina and all good. But whenever they pick her from enemy team, I have to face her and its really bad because even tho I dont feed she will end up destroying me and I have no damage. Whenever the daggers drop I never walk in them so we are good on this. Yesterday I played Lb against her, and she ended up 20/8 she roamed around and until I got down it was too late. I dont understand why when I play Katarina they run and when enemy plays Katarina they die. Honestly I never understood that. I broke my mouse from pinging but the adc kept farming and they tried to run when she already came. I followed her, I took one kill she got a triple. When I chased her she was low and pressed zhonyas. Everything was on cd (my abilities) after zhonyas i tried to kill her but i just had no damage. I ended up die she ulted me. And this will happen almost every time I face her, she gonna destroy me and I dont get in time to react and if I do, I will panic and miss all my spells. When I play katarina against lb (or ahri) they destroy me and I lose game. Any advice?
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