Akali nerfs

Well I'm a katarina main but I enjoy to play akali but this patch... Boys it is so fUn To PlAy akaly. So she was strong and u reseased prestige skin (I got it) and now that it is gone you didnt just nerfed her, you just said "You know what %%%% akali" and basicly you removed her from the game. She is sooooo bad now. Like if u nerf Q and W at least give something in return... Let me tell u a secret. What people were complaining was her W not Q healing. So what about dont touch Q and do this to W "She is not targetable under towers but if u place a control ward you can see her and target her". Now you have counter play. She right now is just useless and terrible. Love you balance team ^^ Oh btw mord is not op ok guys? Oh ofc and buff Jax pls cuz he is away to useless not like my 3 games vs jax was him 1 v 5 cuz he 1 shot anyone and dont %%%%ing die
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