Harsh Punishment

Today in my neighborhood (don't know exactly how extensive it was, but must have been more than just a block) the electric network failed for a couple minutes. As luck would have it, I was just starting a game of solo-queue (just started playing ranked yesterday). After something like 5 minutes the electrics came back on. But apparently my ISP was hit by this electric failure. So I loose a game and after -- I don't know -- 4 hours, when the ISP comes back online and I check my account and get warned about Riot and players not being well served when people leave games. And I had to TYPE "I Agree" to not do it again. First I find this offensive. They just treat you like you are some kid that did something stupid at school. Maybe that is what it is in a majority of cases -- I doubt it --, but that doesn't mean everybody should be treated as if it were so. Anyways the story doesn't end there. Usually when the ISP-service fails for me, it can take some time to be corrected, but once it comes back it is just fine again. So as soon as everything worked again, AND I checked and double-checked everything again. I jumped straight back in and started another solo-queue. And you guessed it by now, as soon as the champ-select timer runs out, bye bye ISP. So I frantically start attempting to get back in the game. checking constantly if the ISP-service is back up again. (You know pings to google, re-clicking login in the client, etc...) And lo and behold after 15 minutes I do get in the game. Which to my disbelief my team had managed to survive so far. The game was basically even. So, of the bat I know I'm useless to the team right now (lvl 1 vs lvl 11 ;-) ). So I start to farm some minions to catch up before I join the team for real. In the end the game lasts long enough such that I do manage to contribute meaningfully -- not much, but at least some --. In the end we manage to win the game. I'm stoked at this point. 15 minutes AFK, I tried hard to get back in, succeeded, tried hard to help my team, succeeded, and we won. So imagine my surprise, when the game ended, I got a message saying I would not get any rewards for the victory because I went AFK/left. After closer inspection of the results I didn't just not win any LP, I lost 12 LP. Seriously that's how I get rewarded for trying my hardest to get back in and trying my hardest to contribute to the team when I do get in? When I get treated like that I think: "Why do I even try to come back to a probably lost game if succeeding and trying my best will be treated as a lost game for me even if we win?" I know having an AFK in your game is annoying and usually costs you the game. I've had it happen to me regularly. But come on do you have to take LP away even when the game gets won in the end. Suppose they did something like the following in a situation like above. If the game is lost, you take some extra LP-loss and your teammates' LP-losses get reduced somewhat. If the game is won you get some reduced LP-gain and your teammates' LP-gains get increased somewhat. At least this way you get rewarded for trying to reconnect. I always wondered before why people that AFK'ed from the start of the game almost never ended up getting back in the game. Now I know why. There's no point trying.
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