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so here's my personal opinion of aatrox. that he should be either reworked again or reverted. His q is just bad, easy to dodge. the old one was way more fun u could be tankier and still do damage but this one u can't do anything. U get an early lead, u get to late, u become useless. That's how aatrox works now. U can't do shit with this skillset, u can't 1v5 like you used to do it 2 seasons back. Aatrox was an og. toplaner which u could have 4k hp and do wathever you wanted. legit missing the old days, the old main of mine, which i have like 1.5 milion pts on him, enyojed playing him... but now i am thinking that imma just abandon him coz i just feel useless on him... https://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com/summoner?summoner=ziven&region=EUW - This is me, you can see how much points on him do i have.
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