Disabling chat for good - restore piece and honor

As a follow-up question to my little investigation why I get chat restricted followed by bans: I need a way to disable the ingame chat for good. As if I was perma chat restricted. Lots of reasons: - Can't help from being toxic sometimes (rarely, but it happens) - Chat will make you toxic even if you are in good mood (insults, bm, flame, trolling etc etc.) - Chat loses you more games than it helps (distraction, noone gives a duck anyway) - Chat logs can be misinterpreted easily (no reference, communication isn't clear, riot just sees the swear words without context) - Chat wastes your time and makes you play worse I don't see ANY reason to use chat so I just need a solution to COMPLETELY DISABLING ingame chat for everyone including me (I don't see any messages nor being able to write anything). I don't want to get banned again for getting into discussions ingame.
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