Silver Scrub Needs Help.

I would like actual, constructive comments please. No "Carry harder" or something else unhelpful. Every time I play ranked, despite playing well in most of my games, consistently, I lose. And I have no idea why. I build appropriately, I win lane, I roam and help other lanes, I ward, I do everything I possibly can (That I can see). Obviously, I make mistakes. But I don't think I make enough to cost every game I play. All I can see is myself getting bad teams over and over, but there is nothing I can do about that. But I seem to be getting these teams every game. And when i DO finally win a game, I lose the next 5-6. For every game I win, I lose about 5 in ranked. I guess if some high ranked players could give some pointers or something? I dont know, Its incredibly frustrating and I am this close to just not playing anymore.
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