Hi all, this is not a crying post so anyone that will come here with negative atitude should leave. So to start i would like to talk about his W that is still bugged vs some champions, the fact that singed relies too much on W vs ranged champions its a big issue that is not working correctly, for ex : kennen can still use his mvm spd skill and yi cant be rooted while he has ult, cant remember others right now since i stoped playing him. Other thing is the fact he is a ´´tank´´ , but compared to any real tanks he is so squishy and i would like to understand why. So i have to build an ap item if i wanna deal alteast some dmg, to deal dmg i need to run in circles while i get my ass kicked, he can be a pain vs some champs if we take time to know his limits, but since most of tanks can actually tank alot of dmg, singed doesnt feel that way. So or i build one dmg item but will not do that great cause i die too fast, or i build full tank deal zero dmg and still die faster than a darius/garen/ illaoi, i dont think juggernauts are supposed to have more durability than tanks, but maybe im just bad. Im hoping for some positive discussion about this.
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