Is it okay to abandon your ADC?

So I’ve decided to slip back onto my old role of support again and played two ranked games today, both of which included my ADCs mispositioning multiple times and getting killed for it (Such as my Jhin walking into the enemy bot lane greeding, and my Ezreal for some reason arcane shifting into every stun or fight and not being able to get out), and there’s only so much I can do, shield them or cc them etc. In the game with the Jhin, stuck by him and I tried everything to keep him alive (which didn’t happen), and lost, I had assisted him in all his kills and saved him a few times. Second game, We let turret go and I realised Ezreal was basically worthless so I went pretty much everywhere else on the map (I played rakan both games because I can roam and he’s like, my favourite support), Ezreal continued to over extend and die, but being worth 0 gold, he wasn’t salvageable, I probably realised 5-10 minutes too late however. So I said “Sorry but I’m leaving you, I’m gonna try get pressure elsewhere” and just left him, essentially for dead. However, I ended up after that with a huge amount of kill participation (literally 22/30 kills I was involved in), and trying to salvage what was left of the game (had a 2-6 jungler and a 0-7 Darius at the time, and a 1-8 Ezreal, my Gragas mid for some reason...was doing alright, the make up kills literally came from me attempting to carry) Ezreal didn’t flame me or anything but I felt really bad leaving him essentially to rot, and feed. Was this okay to do? I have fun playing support, mechanically it’s my favourite role, but there’s only so much you can do with ADCs who either just keep dying or can’t do anything. Any suggestions on champs, play styles etc. Would be appreciated. -hard stick S5 support main-come mid main-come back to support main. Thanks in advance
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