RIOT this season and game has become beyond a mess. a utter contradictory joke this META.

I really don't need to say much more. this is beyond anything I have ever seen a company do to there own game. You have ironically made the worst possible choices to sky rocket League of Legends into the sinkhole. for a while now bad decisions have been "tolerated" by everyone but I'm pretty sure for most people with the Current state of this game it has become practically unplayable and quite frankly its offensive and disgustingly contradictory. these are some reasons as to why I THINK RIOT and it's balance team are disgusting and contradictory. 1. in any season other than this one People used to actively get banned and reported for playing anything that was strategically off "meta" (Singed smite support) but at least the meta was "playable" to a extend and you didn't always give free LP away to people by playing a "off meta pick" 2. like I said in my previous point YOU as a company dissuaded anyone from playing anything trolly or off picks for other lanes. in ALL the other seasons YOU actively punished people who played anything that wasn't designed to PLAY in that lane,not to mention people would report a player who decided to create a unique META shift. yet THIS Season you actively have KILLED bot lane and encouraged the most disgusting state of the game.. PICK ANYTHING OTHER THAN A MARKSMAN for there DESIGNED ROLE MARKSMEN are literally the MOST DEAD role currently 3. YOU have ironically created a a more toxic, troll style and frustrating game play style. EVERYTHING is over tuned or DEAD.. PICK BRUISER OR TANK ACTUALLY PLAY ANYTHING on any role.. what's the point in even calling lanes MID/TOP/JUNGLE/BOTLANE Anymore.. lets just call them %%%% fest lanes. 4. WHAT IS A ADC? WHAT EVEN IS THIS HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HUGE MASSIVE META ROD YOU ARE CONSISTENTLY AND FORCEFULLY SHOVING DOWN MY SORE SORE THROAT. I guess it's not *ape if you always shout SURPRISE! everything you have done this season has driven this game into the shitter and as a company you are just ignoring everything and creating more and more and more bullshit to pile onto the endless heap.
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