4 man premades - let the solo player have first pick.

PLEASE give some incentive to be totally fine playing with 4 man premades. I'm tired of the toxicity 80% of them have. With their "fine we will just duo top and all report you" when you firstpick botlane and they don't get their own way. If I am first pick, I'd like to have the choice of my lane thankyou. On top of this, you literally have to play by their rules, or they gang report you. Yes I know 1 report is the same as 4 and that if you're innocent you don't get banned etc, but it's really degrading to be bullied 4 on 1 by premades. Let the solo player either have first pick or last pick. That solves the issue of being bullied into a lane because of pick order rules. Seriously, I'm really not looking forward to having to deal with this bullsh** in ranked games.
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