I believe I inspired Sett's lore, is there anyway I can get a small amount of credit for this?

To start of, by credit I am referring to just a small mention in his lore page, nothing more. I am not entirely sure if I am correct but 6 months ago i designed a champion called Khorzan and posted it to the boards. He was an underground pit fighter but in Zaun and his lore was VERY similar to Sett's new lore. That post was taken down however I do have a link to it and can screenshot it. Now as I said, I'm of course not 100% certain that inspiration was taken from my design, however should it have been taken from my design, I would like to know if I can get a small mention (my current in game name) at the bottom of his lore, just as a memento. If no inspiration was taken then that is fine and obviously if no credit can be given, that is ok, butt i got rather excited to have seen something I wrote possibly be included in one of my favourite games. Thank you so much for your time.
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