So can we talk about the proposed season 10 changes?

So I think we can all agree the 10 year anniversary event was a massive success and the announcements that came with it were amazing...almost. I can't be the only one who saw the plans for pre-season and just stared at the screen with a puzzled and disappointed expression. A week ago I made another post outlining some of the things I felt desperately need attention right now such as games being decided in the first 10 minutes and being massively swingy and hoped in some way shape or form this would be addressed. Now before I lay into the pre-season changes I do want to say after reading Riots more detailed post on what exactly these changes are going to be and I wasn't as upset I was when originally digesting the information but...well I was still pretty damn upset. So to start off with I really just have to ask why? These changes feel like changes that quite literally no one asked for. It feels like a desperate attempt to keep the game feeling fresh rather than what we've had in most previous seasons which were changes to help keep game integrity high. The new alcoves in bot and top were described as new areas for playmaking to help with things like ganks because we all know how difficult and uncommon botlane ganks are. In the last ranked game I played I think I experienced only 12 ganks botlane, 12! should be at least 20. As for the dragon and dynamic map changes they stated that they wanted every game to be different but again no one asked for it to be that way. We already experience different team comps every single game and different lane matchups every game. Champion power, relevance and lane assignments change every 2 weeks which also already keeps things pretty damn fresh. Who has been complaining about league getting stale off the back of the map not changing or games feeling too samey? If anything people find the game stale based on the declining state of the game. The constant power creep which is going to be exacerbated with the new dragon buffs that look ridiculous and Riots complete inability to ever admit they made an oopsy and go back on a previous change. In Season 8 they introduced the latest rune system which took away defensive stats from players and replaced them with for the most part more damage. In season 9 they introduced a ridiculous new amount of gold in the game which again no one asked for in turret plating when the only thing we wanted was more armour on the turrets early on and now they're introducing more everything in the form of dragons. You can sum up almost every change in the last few seasons in two words, power creep. Except ADCs they got gutted. Anyway I dunno maybe I'm the only one who feels this way but I'm not convinced of that. Does anyone feel like these changes are really what league needed right now because I just have no idea what they were smoking when these changes were proposed.
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