Bilgewater in-game music and male announcer RETURN?

So I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely loved the Bilgewater event and all his features, especially the music in-game and the male (gangplank) announcer, and I honestly think you should be able to switch between music and announcer in the options menu. It will make League of Legends music a lot more fun to listen to in my opinion, and I know some of the other players think this as well. An option to switch between music and announcer would make the game more fun. I am a really great fan of LoL and play it often, but I never experienced the rushes of joy and satisfaction and the immense awesomeness of League until this music came out! My League of Legends experience got a boost from that music and the awesome male announcer, I enjoyed playing way more than ever and even played better (and that got recognised by friends and players) so I even started playing ranked after a long time of not doing that. I got promoted from silver 4 to gold 5 within no-time, due to the awesome music that made me feel really good in all the games played during the Bilgewater event. I even like it that much, I made a video of the music on [YouTube]( of 1 hour long, because I missed the music so much, but it was never the same. Sure, I'm trying to bring something back to the game, just like people want to do with URF and stuff, but this is a minor thing and could be just as effective like URF in keeping people enjoying the game. So please, fellow players and Riot Games employees. Think about an option that you can switch between music and announcer so we can have a better experience in League. Share your thoughts in the comments and help us get the music back! ~Töbjes
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