so riot still doesnt care about gangplank ???

{ why this is needed and what he's like now } why do people seem to think gangplank is fine after he gets played in LCS-LEC. the gangplank's in pro play barely do anything throughout the entire game but when they do something the analysts just hype it up. and hes pick or ban because these are pro players with 5 man communication. which is the exact same reason champs like {{champion:72}} and {{champion:113}} work there too. out of these 3 champions {{champion:72}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:41}} SEJUANI WORKS THE BEST IN SOLOQ. and thats saying something as shes barely played in ANY elo on ANY region. seriously look up {{champion:41}} stats, his win rate is like 43% currently and hes only a 5% pick. why does riot refuse to buff {{champion:41}} . the guy goes oom level 3 with 2 corrupting pots used after a total of 7 Q'S so to use the only form of poke you have you need to use 2 corrupting pots and you can still only use it 7 times?!!? the vision on his barrels isnt the same as it was before. his barrels used to be an actual ward. which was fine, nobody ever complained about it. the reason why i feel like he was overnerfed is because ( like mentioned a million times by me and others ) {{champion:41}} now relies on crit to deal any meaningful damage. which is stupid because you cant build full crit in most matches. you just need the steraks to survive ANYTHING. and the 75% crit chance is good but if you don't crit you deal nearly no damage. and you only get this crit 35 minutes into the game if you afk farm the entire time or get fed. look i get hes a late game champion but i have combined 375k mastery points on {{champion:41}} so i know how to play him in every matchup. and i can safely say the champ is just not worth it. i only play him still because i don't tryhard and hes fun. but he still needs a buff { BUFF PROPOSALS } 1: give gp's ult a slightly higher base damage to make the ulti a bit better in early-mid game fights and duels 2: make his E give the vision like it did before the nerf where you can see inside the full radius of the barrel. 2: lower his q mana cost at rank 1 and 2 to give him a slighty better chance of doing anything in lane. 4: slightly up the damage of his barrels against enemy champion to compensate for his lack of good items. { AFTERMATH } all in all {{champion:41}} already got nerfed when TLD was removed from the game. and while klepto was broken on him for a while it wasn't broken because of his damage. it was broken because it allowed him to gain his items way quicker over the the enemy team. which in that case did result in {{champion:41}} dealing a lot of damage. and a quick reminder this was when stormrazer was good on gp. {{champion:41}} should be THE champion that just destroys entire teams late game. and while he still deals reasonable damage in late game hes just not worth it compared to other champions that are easier to play and deal the same AOE and sometimes even more damage. for anyone wondering here is what you go on him ATM ( runes included ) GRASP INSPIRATION demolish magical footwear bone plating - conditioning ( i go conditioning but bone is viable ) cosmic insight overgrowth offense flex defense ITEMS - - - - ( in order ) {{item:3078}} - {{item:3047}} - {{item:3508}} - {{item:3031}} - {{item:3046}} - {{item:3053}} this post is incredibly long and took me a lot of effort and time so please if you agree up vote this so riot actually starts caring
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