LP issue?

Hi i been playing my placements and managed to win all except 3 that people trolled me in, i got placed in iron sadly since i hardly ever play ranked so my mmr is low as hell, but i have a question. isnt my placements suppose to give me more LP? im getting 20LP per win while my friends are getting 30-60LP per win in the same rank aswell, and when we premade i end up with another 20LP win while they get 30 or more im so confused as to why that is. i thought we won more during our placements? no matter how good i do, if i carried the game, if i took all dragons 2 harolds ganked non stop and took most towers im not getting more than 20LP per win. https://i.imgur.com/bsCGxrW.png i dont hate it cuz its so well boring, the only time we have a challange is usally wen bot premade trolls then its at least a bit more of a fight currently my games are so slow and boring cuz enemy team is a bunch of lvl 30s who flash to take cs and heal wen they get hit once its like playing with children, im not even playing my main champs and still wining easily, i havent played nunu is so long cuz my nunu buggs out and snowball doesnt work cuz my high ping and lag it just explodes randomly and yet I STILL WIN. i suck ass at league always have probably always will but wtf is this iron and bronze, the only time league is fun is when i play against golds and silvers cuz at least idk if im going to win or lose and i can actually learn to play instead of just being a zombie, I LITRALLY PLAY RANKED DRUNK AND WIN EVERY GAME THAT SOMEONE DOESNT TROLL IN??????????????? but im stuck here for so long cuz LP gains are so low. same for last season, i won 90% of the games once i started trying and i didnt lose till they compleatly changed the jungle on me in new patch https://i.imgur.com/k9OP0k7.png i dont belong in iron, idk where i belong if its bronze silver or gold but 100% not iron so why do i gain such little LP I THINK IT MIGHT BE CUZ BEFORE I KNEW RANKED WAS SRS PART OF THE GAME (yea i was one of those who thought it was same as normals cuz im stupid and had nvr played a moba before) i lost most games cuz i played random stuff and to have fun and that might be sticking with me so my mmr is totally jacked {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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