Yasuo...is a problem

Hello guys... Yasuo...is a broken champion, yes we know, but come on! I made 3 ranked games on a secondary account and guess what...I lost because the enemy yasuo was lvl 7 and on that 3 games he made a Pentakill... On the last game I made... the yasuo made 2 PENTAKILLS IN ONE GAME! And for the yasuo mains I only say one thing...I main it too and I STILL THINK HE IS TOO OP MAN! At least riot could remove that 50% crit chance. Is the necessary to balance the champ (ok maybe not, but its a nerf). And yes im tilted for losing that 3 ranked games. You can call me noob, bronze, etc...but think...Yasuo is op or not? Oh! And riot...stop nerfing THE ITEMS instead of nerfing THE CHAMPIONS.
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