Enemy Missing Ping

Hello Summoners! So as you know enemy missing ping (?) is good way to say to your team when your laner is roaming. However many players use this ping to spam on you in purpose to tilt you. With muting their pings you no longer can see how they spam on you, but you can't see if they are shootcalling something important either. Problem: Spamming enemy missing ping (?). What I suggest: 1. Introducing an "enemy missing ping spam" report. 2. Introducing an option where the player can mute only one type of ping and being able to see the other ones. 3. Changing the look of the enemy missing ping: instead of a yellow question mark, it can be a little SS, so it won't be abused that much because it won't make any sense. It's not a vital problem but sometimes it can distract your focus on the game, force you to make a mistake and tilt.
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