Some tank champions are simply too good...

The bane of our entertainment : {{champion:154}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:223}} They are the definition of "anti-fun" right now and for good reasons, here's what makes them unstoppable in my humble opinion : 1- They thrive in mid game teamfights around 20:00 - 25:00 minutes. At this point in the game they pretty much rule the land with their controls and resilience. Their impact is absolutely insane at this point in the game... let alone later on if they get going. 2- The gold they get from objectives and turrets has a very big influence on their performances. They transform this gold into super effective tank items which aren't as effective on other champions like bruisers or off-tanks. They also have an easier time farming in lane now due to {{item:1054}} and support items. For a Damage oriented champion or a utility support, gold from objectives and neutral monsters doesn't lead to such an advantage. The most important point in dealing with a tank team is to starve them out of free gold... and that is very complicated to do. Sooner or later, they will get it. 3- They carry too little risks and drawbacks. That's probably the biggest issue. If you pick a tank right now, your contribute to the outcome of the game simply because you exist and that's it. 4- Non-Tank junglers are too weak. Junglers in general aren't in a good place though : It is common knowledge that junglers have too big of an impact in low elo games and almost no impact in higher elo games. However in both cases, picking a tank jungler is going to be the dominant strategy if you want to actually contribute to the success of your team. Thus, it tells you a lot about how strong they are since they can entirely bypass the jungle condition in season 7 and still do a decent job regardless while other champions can't. Some people think this is to be called "a tank meta" ... I don't think so. This is a very specific problem with few champions and few game mechanics that are just too good to pass up right now. There is simply too little counter-play against it : in the end the game environment plays a decisive role in it. Hopefully it willl change before the end of the season {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Sorry if you disagree, thanks for reading.
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