Ping spamming

So I make this thread to discuss something I personally find quite irritating: Ping spamming I don't recall ping spamming being that toxic in the earlier days, but I remember it rising to become a major tool for toxic behavior through players such as Tyler1 (missing ping on teammates dying etc). Nowdays it seems to be customary to spam teammates randomly with pings, or use them in some other toxic form. In this thread I would like to discuss everyone's thoughts on the issue, and how it affects your gameplay. For me personally, ping spamming is very distracting especially during fights; someone pings you to back because they don't think it's a good thing for you to duel someone (as an example).. While you know you will win the fight with like 99% certainty. The pinging might distract you and lead you to make a mechanical misplay -> you actually lose the duel. Another thing is, that the objective of pings is to give information, and when they're overused to spam, their information is reduced when used correctly. Third is, that a lot of pinging stresses other players, as they have their attention shifted constantly until they become so used to it that they no longer pay attention to pings. I think these two effects play an important role in this discussion: (getting used to it) (stress) I would also claim that this creates a cycle of toxicity, because once you get used to the ping spamming you aren't as likely to view it as toxic -> bad for the general environment in the game. I personally think this, if it already isn't, should be a punishable offence when it's excessive. Of course it is understandable to ping a lot in the heat of the battle and there is actually something you need to draw someone attention to; I don't think that goes into this, but rather the toxic pinging when there's no information to be given. But that's my point of view, feel free to share your thoughts on the topic.
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