Match making in a nuthsell..

Had a winning spree -> High increase in win ratio -> got absolute monkeys, that had no other concern but making sure enemies don't starve, as my teammates for PUNCH of games -> had another win spree (like 8 games or so) -> the same sort of monkeys again, in every single game. For real Riot, I had 4 games where enemies had a level 30 platinum guy, vs level 10-20s... (I'm currently lvl 19, leveling up account after being away for ages). Meanwhile in the same game I had teammates who had 25% win ratio and 1,3:1 average KDA. I completely see how it was balanced or winnable in the first place. I play jungle a lot lately and it's ridiculous how by first clear my team score is 1-7 already (my team 7 deaths).
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