Can't climb.

Heyyy I used to play LoL a lot but I got bored of it for a year and just came back to it. So last season I was bronze 1, I'm a karthus main and this season I got put in Iron 1 (I didn't really get this placement because I did quite well in my placements). Anyway! I really can't climb out of Iron 1. Even when I destroy my lane, roam and try to help everyone else we somehow lose, I'm not trying to say it's my team's fault but sometimes you can't help but feel that way. Recently I got tired of rank and just started playing AP champs AD for fun in blind. I'm thinking of going back to ranked though, any tips? I really want to get to gold this season, I used to play with a gold adc and we were on the same level of 'skill' so I think it's possible.
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