I want to share with you guys a thing i discovered that might help all Zed players, especially at early stages of the game, when trading damage matters most. Thing i discovered is that you can and should sneak in a "invisible" razor shuriken, potentially surprising your enemy. Mechanics goes as follows. Basically, what you want to do is : 1. Fire a razor shuriken (commonly referred to as Q spell) in the direction of your enemy, and then, immediately after, 2. Place a living shadow (commonly referred to as W spell) as if you want the mimicked shuriken to hit the enemy champion. The mimicked shuriken will be actually fired by the shadow, leaving enemy confused and bleeding. NOTE that in order to do this fancy trick, two prerequisites are necessary: 1. The time duration between Q and W should be approximately 0.1 seconds. You need to Q and then immediately W (make sure you first tap the Q key). This means that you should quick cast your spells. 2. The needed amount of energy for this combo is 100, which means that under 100, you might end up firing only normal Q. You can of course add the shadow slash to make your combo even more deadly. I never saw someone do this in normal/ranked games, neither in pro gaming, nor someone has posted anything similar to youtube. Like this if you find it useful in your games and share the knowledge. Edit: In the light of the comment from fellow summoners, I summed up my thoughts as to why this occurs. I think it can prove my theory of Zed: I hypothesise that living shadow works as it is mimicking Zed's every move all the time in an non visible manner, it is like a spirit that never rests. When we see it, it is like we get a glimpse of that nature and its course. To sum up your conclusions, I think that it happens because W has no cast time (it can be activated when moving). Q having cast time (like channeling, though short) greater then the cast time of W (by virtue of W having no cast time), it can effect that in that short period of channeling Q (or, in fact, immediately after it), you can place W which will mimick Q, although the cast order was Q W. What it amounts is, as I believe, that the cast order isn't overridden, but only that it is determined by cast time, in this special case of interaction between spells that have short channeling and those that do not have cast time at all, which practically means that shadow will mimick Q as if she already "knows" that it was fired, although it was placed immediately after short channeling of Q (which proves my hypothesis). The only thing too look up to is whether all other champions have this same sort of interaction between spells that have short channeling and those that do not have cast time (I think they have), and whether Zed as a champion has this special sort of interaction between spells. If this last one is true, that makes Zed an exception, which I think that adds a cool part to his personality as a former ninja who unlocked forbidden knowledge desiring more power at the cost of a permanent moral torment and inner suffering which he is struggling to cope with, but eventually deals with, leaving him at peace with his own psyche and accepting the fate that he imposed upon himself as an exile from the ninja brotherhood (_What I have done, cannot be undone_). _No technique is forbidden_ {{champion:238}} ***
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