Questions about party IP boost and new queue re-opening..

So as most of us know, there was a party IP boost for couple of days...Riot advertised it as: 450% IP boost for new queues and 150% bonus for every other queue. This actually was false advertising, because it came out that 450% and 150% bonus was only for NA server (funny huh?) and other servers were only supposed to get 400% and 100%. BUT then the new draft queues went offline. EUW server apparently didn't get any IP party boost during this time and EUNE got one that theoretically 300% boost, but it was bugged and VERY inconsistent (for example: some lost games gave more IP than won games, even though won game lasted longer. The IP gain went from 100 IP/won game - 1600 IP/won game for me and the last amount happened only once) and the further the time went on, it got worse and worse (ironically Riot said they were "looking into it", but no fix appeared). Riot promised, they will extend boost duration for EU servers, so we would also get benefits of 400% boost off new queue matches. Today I logged in and noticed that new Draft queue is opened again, but the boost is gone and no message from Riot about boost. So my question is: Is Riot just going to ignore EU servers again and pretend like nothing happened or are they going to give us IP party boost which actually works?
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