The problem with URF and its dense brother ARURF...

**By the title of this "discussion" you will probably know in which directions this is going ...** _URF or ARURF_ Are the much desired game modes only avaiible every couple centuries. Not only are they rare (more informations coming),they also are super fun and... 1. stress reliefing , not playing by the commons,not having to care about mana/cd times is so relaxing 2. ridiculous, playing crazy overpowered champions warms every heart and may even bring up some laughter 3. original, is there any other game with anything close to this mode ? Seeing Legends of the Poro king, Ascension or Blood Moon triggers me harder than a feminist being told that man have less priv...dont mind that :> @riotgames,I understand that you cant release AR/URF every month or so, _(appearently it will damage the competitiv image of LoL/if I got it right)_ but let the **none-pbe** community have some fun/Fiasco August 2017,only pbe servers had ARURF *crying intensifies*. Waiting weeks like a child around cristmas for **the original,not ALL RANDOM-(actually not random)-ULTRA RAPID FIRE** is pretty nerve recking. My wish from this discussion 1. more frequent URF 2. drop the All Random , its annoying and chances are actually fixed...) Your random bronze scr*b Heaven0220
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