Riot is being unfair against Rengar

So after the assasin rework Riot decided to change Rengars R and make it 'camouflaged' instead of fully invis.And am here to ask why did rengar get the worst nerf on his ability but all of the other champs that have this kind of abilty didnt get theirs changed too. Like theres 5 champs who posses abilities that can turn them invis{{champion:35}} ,{{champion:28}} ,{{champion:29}} ,{{champion:121}} and {{champion:107}} .All of them kept their ability to go completely invis ( twitch and eve get seen once they get near a champ). So i am here to ask why does rengars ulti WARNS the enemy that hes coming from miles away and gets seen even if he isnt as close to the target as twitch or eve can be.And please dont telll me thats because he can one shot everyone cause right now ,no he cant plus if rengar can one shot someone twitch can oneshot entire teams in seconds. Another thing I should add is that their invis ability has a way less cd than rengars and they dont warn the enemy that they are coming unless there next to him.So again why is Riot so unfair against Rengar? And one more thing rengars q range got nerfed cause he could go faster if he spammed it( lie again showing how Riot is being unfair to rengar) (some guy did the math and its false it takes 1.5 s more to go your destination by spamming q instead of walking something like that i think if you really wanna know i might add it ) but its ok if RIVEN can do the same thing even tho hers has a bigger impact than rengars.Like her q not only enables her to go through walls but she can also knock up enemies but its rengars who bites the bullet again and takes the nerf. (btw sorry for the terrible way of expressing things its 1.50 am right now and am tired af)

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